The Serendipity Tool

Every Thursday, connecting Insiders in groups of three for a candid conversation.

  • Sign up for the Serendipity Tool by sharing relevant details and areas of interest.

  • Our AI system will match you with two other Network Capital Insider members based on the details shared. You will receive a mail introducing you to the other two members on the Monday before your call.

  • The day and time for the Serendipity Tool call is fixed for every Thursday at 9:30pm (IST).

To function as thinking, feeling creative beings, we need to learn to balance productivity and serendipity - or what we like to call - the Productivity/Serendipity Ratio. 

Our podcasts, masterclasses and newsletters ensure productivity. With this Serendipity Tool we want to augment the luck surface area and enable meaningful connections by connecting Network Capital Insiders, in groups of three, to each other every week.

Feel free to join the NC Insider Happy Hours (every Wednesday) if you prefer many to many interaction format.