Passion Economy

Passion Economy is a platform on which you can share it. It is a platform through which you can not only monetise your passion; but also share it with a global audience. It is a great way to increase your Luck Surface Area, inspire people, get feedback, and become better at what you do.

  • Projects

  • Experiences

  • Skills

  • Knowledge Area

  • Interesting Thought or Idea

Terms of Engagement

  1. You have autonomy over the design and production of your masterclass. Post production, we would help upload it on Network Capital TV. 
  2. You decide the price of the masterclass in consultation with the Network Capital team. The idea is to understand demand adequately; and boost sales. We don’t want to over-charge or under-charge.
  3. You get 75 percent (net) of all sales made for your masterclass. 
  4. The advertisment and outreach for the masterclass will be a collaborative process. We will work with you on this. 
  5. All Network Capital Insiders get free access to your masterclass. They are your sample audience, your source of honest feedback, and your community for support.