Network Capital Insider

Our Community is called ‘Network Capital Insider’. As an Insider you get access to -

  • A global network of millennials who act as peer-mentors. Our members have leveraged the Insider network to get access referrals for top jobs, and get feed back for applications and interviews.

  • We have city-based Insider hubs in over 260 cities across the world. These hubs are lead by NC city leaders who host regional events and curated Insider experiences.

  • Our library and deep-work space in New Delhi and London.

Dr. Tarun Khanna

Professor, HBS

Network Capital Insider is a diverse community of motivated students and young professionals from around the world who serve as peer mentors to each other. I use Network Capital Insider to share key insights about my books, articles and courses. The nature of discussions, spirit of community and the deep level of engagement is energising.

Nruthya Madappa

Managing Partner, The CoWrks Foundry

Network Capital Insider has emerged as one of the most vibrant and eclectic communities committed to peer-to-peer mentoring and skill sharing.The content, conversations and collaborations on Network Capital Insider are meaningful and thought-provoking. In the past, I have invited fellow entrepreneurs and Harvard MBAs to join the group. I have been a speaker at several Network Capital career conclaves and my company Cowrks has collaborated with them for thematic events on startups, alternate careers and social entrepreneurship. What makes the Network Capital Insider unique is the consistency and speed with which they deliver.

Vineet Rai

Founder of Aavishkaar Group

Network Capital Insider is doing a great job of helping students and young professionals make informed career choices in diverse fields ranging from technology and business to social entrepreneurship and impact investing. I am impressed by the group's culture on giving and adding value to others.

Fatima Dicko

Founder & CEO, Jetpack

I heard about Network Capital while I was pursuing an MBA at Stanford and running my startup, Jetpack. In 1.5 years, I have seen it scale 10x and provide personalized career guidance to students and young professionals around the world. The spirit of the community has kept me engaged ever since and I have introduced many Stanford MBA graduates and fellow entrepreneurs to the community. As Network Capital launched the Insider subscription group, I was excited to explore the new features. After being a member for 3 months, I am pleased to share that the level of curation and personalization of Network Capital Insider makes it my go-to community for mentoring, hiring top talent and learning about new things

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