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About the fellowship

Prepare young professionals to become future CEOs

  • Thinking clearly

  • Reading quietly

  • Speaking effectively

Our Philosophy

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Network Capital is the world’s largest community for millennials and gen z. Our members include Nobel Laureates, CEOs, Scholars, and visionary leaders  and we have been featured in Harvard Business School, The Economic Times and India Today.

Based on the experiences of community members and our research on the lives of global leaders and CEOs, we have identified that the ability to think clearly, read quietly and speak effectively to be crucial. It is based on the premise that for individuals to build meaningful careers, we all need to build a category of one

With this fellowship for high schools students, the aim to help the fellows build foundational skills that are critical for the future of work. We would do this with a combination of - 

1. One on one mentoring 

2. Group sessions and projects 

3. Personalised teaching and learning resources

(Please note: A more detailed and curated schedule will be sent to each fellow upon enrolling.)

At the end of the fellowship, all fellows would be invited to present their ideas and perspective to the +100,000 network capital community. Their work will be featured on Network Capital TV. The first cohort for the CEO Fellowship will run from September 5, 2020 to October 3, 2020.

To enrol in this fellowship you can either –

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2. Make a one-time payment for the fellowship. 

PS. If you have any questions or concern you can reach out to [email protected]