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This bootcamp covers

Starting August 28

  • Mental models for thinking about the right course and college fit.

  • Advice for the application - letters of reference, test scores and additional question.

  • SOP and CV reviews. Guidance for preparing your statement of purpose.

  • Alumni connects and mock interviews.

  • One on one mentoring and weekly check in for application updates.

  • 1

    The MBA and MPP Bootcamp

    • Overview

  • 2

    Cracking Chicago Booth and Harvard Kennedy School with Dhwani

    • Overview

    • Dhwani’s pre-MBA/MPP profile and motivation for applying

    • Approaching the applications - essay and statement of purpose

    • Building your personal story

    • Getting the resume right

    • On feedback, drafts and applying for multiple programmes

    • Letter of recommendations

    • General application advice and suggestions

    • Preparing for interviews

    • Waitlist conversion and scholarships

  • 3

    Cracking MPP/MPA with Scholarship in Europe and UK with Shruti and Kunal

    • Overview

    • “Ideal candidate”

    • MPP vs MPA (two year degree vs one year degree)

    • How to choose your university

    • Statement of purpose

    • Letters of recommendation

    • Before you hit send

    • Applying for scholarships

    • Alternative sources of funding - part time work

    • Making a decision

    • Internships and capstone

    • Post MPP opportunities

  • 4

    Cracking INSEAD the Adventurous Way with Maansi

    • Introduction

    • Thinking about MBA and shortlisting schools

    • Thinking through B-School applications

    • The adventure of transferring from ISB to INSEAD - decision making frameworks and ROIs

    • The INSEAD experience - personal and professional growth

    • Adding value to your cohort at B-School

    • Working on self-image and leadership traits to design your recruitment strategy

    • Time-management in business school

    • Advice for prospective applicants

  • 5

    Cracking Stanford MBA Application with Rohan Manchanda

    • Introduction

    • Rohan’s journey before Stanford

    • The essay section

    • The application questions

    • Getting the right recommendations

    • Q&A - Writing about future plans

    • What is unique about the Stanford MBA

    • Personal reflection after one year at Stanford

  • 6

    Applying to Harvard Business School and Building Innovative Digital Companies with Mishaal Nathani

    • Podcast

  • 7

    Cracking Columbia Business School with Prateek and Neha

    • Podcast

  • 8

    Cracking Harvard Kennedy School and Building Meaningful Careers in Public Policy with Rwitwika

    • Podcast

  • 9

    Cracking Harvard MPP and Inlaks Scholarship with Anushka

    • Introduction

    • Anushka’s career trajectory prior to MPP

    • Choosing a policy programme - MPP, MPA, etc.

    • Choosing between different colleges

    • MBA vs. MPP

    • Post policy school opportunities - private sector, economist, entrepreneurship

    • Impact of tech on policy schools

    • Limitations of policy schools in US

    • The application

    • Part of the puzzle - understanding the different components

    • Statement of purpose

    • GRE

    • CV

    • Letter of recommendation

    • The scholarship

    • Writing the application

    • The interview process (with examples from the Inlaks interview)

    • Scholarships by colleges

    • Quantitative CV

    • Taking a loan