Weekly Book Discussion

Starting July 19, 2020

Anamika is a prominent contemporary Indian poet, social worker and novelist writing in Hindi, and a critic writing in English. She has eight collections of poetry, five novels and four works of criticism in her credit. Tune in every Sunday to watch her talk about Shakespeare.


  • 1


    • Hamlet - men of action and men of contemplation

    • The binaries of life and starting a startup without capital and network in 1600s

    • ‘To be or not to be'

    • Insights on clarity

    • Why to be?

    • Finding a glimmer of hope

  • 2


    • Overview

    • On patience and cut-throat competition

    • The murder of trust and sleep

    • Disruption

    • It is a tale

    • Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

    • Finding purpose and meaning

  • 3

    King Lear

    • Overview

    • Mental models from King Lear

    • Survival of the fittest

    • Whats the prison? What would be its modern day equivalent?

    • Modern day politics

    • Good parenting and leadership

    • 6

    • Mental models from King Lear