In this Masterclass, Prateek unpacks his experience as a product manager in a high-growth company and shares practical advice on the role.He is a Columbia Business School graduate who is presently working as a software product manager at Twilio Inc. Fundamentally, he has a passion for bringing great teams together and building things that matter. Previously, he had spent 4 years designing airplanes, developing autonomous vehicle test platforms, manufacturing rocket engines and launching communications startups. He also had a hand in building the world's first parallel-gas-electric Hybrid Airplane for which Nasa sent their team a letter congratulating us on making history.


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    Understanding Hyper Growth

    • According to venture capitalists

    • In terms of hiring and team expansion

    • Evolving customer segments

  • 3

    How does Hyper Growth Impact Product Development?

    • Customer demand expansion

    • Building features and infrastructure

    • 80% scale + 20% new

  • 4

    What does a Product Manager do in a Hyper Growth Company?

    • Prioritising by outcome

    • Document tactically

    • Ship iteratively

    • Other useful tools