About the masterclass

Kartik leads Asha Impact, an impact investing and policy advocacy platform, a capital-on-call multi-family office for Indian business leaders, UHNIs and philanthropists to invest in scalable, for-profit social enterprises.

  • Unpacking impact investing and blended finance

  • Creating your category of one

  • The impact investing landscape.


  • 1

    Impact Investing

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Essence of Impact Investing and Blended Finance

    • Need and Opportunity for Market-led Development

    • Theory of Change – Radical Tri-sector Collaboration

    • Case Study – Waste Management

    • What is Impact Investing?

    • Growth & Evolution of Impact Investing in India

    • Innovation for Inclusion

    • The Challenge of Measuring ‘Impact’

    • Introduction to Blended Finance

    • What is a Social/Development Impact Bond?

    • What is Impact Linked Debt?

    • Why Blended Finance is Catalytic for Development

    • Overview of Global Impact Bonds Market

    • Growth of Sustainable & Blended Finance in India

    • Impact Bond Market India: Key Players

    • Impact Bonds in India

    • Challenges to Scaling Impact Bonds

    • Evidence on Impact & Outcomes – Educate Girls DIB

    • Evidence on Success Rate & Returns from Impact Bonds

  • 3

    Fireside chat between Kartik and Utkarsh on Impact Investing and Blended Finance

    • Q&A - Careers in impact investing

    • Next Steps