In this masterclass you learn

Prachi is a Chevening Scholar at the University of London, pursuing a Masters in Public Policy and Management at SOAS. Before this, she made a niche and name for herself in strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.

  • Thinking through MPP applications and scholarships.

  • Advice on putting the application together

  • Preparing and reflecting before starting Masters.


  • 1

    Cracking Chevening and thinking through MPP Applications

    • Overview

    • Thinking about public policy

    • Deciding colleges and when to apply

    • Approaching the application (retrospective advice)

    • Shortlisting universities

    • Post MPP options

    • Pre-MPP preparation

    • Pre-MPP reflection

    • On age criteria and safety-colleges

    • Applying for the Chevening scholarship

    • Two year vs one year degree

    • Personal experience at SOAS

    • Gauging the probability of acceptance