About this masterclass

Chetna is a current student of the Master’s in International Economic Policy at Sciences Po Paris, studying China and Energy as her focus areas, where she is a recipient of the Émile Boutmy, Tiara, Charpak Travel and K.C. Mahindra scholarships.

  • Guide to masters application to Sciences Po

  • Information and tips for scholarship applications

  • Insights on part-time and post-Masters work opportunities


  • 1

    Science Po

    • Overview

    • Choosing the right programme

    • Expectations from the programme

    • General tips on preparing your application

    • Eligibility criteria

    • Language requirements

    • Interview and GRE

    • LORs

    • CV

    • SOP

    • Preparing the 'winning profile'

    • Work experience

    • Tuition fees and cost of living

    • On part-time jobs

    • Scholarship details

    • External scholarships

    • Scholarship tips

    • Career support

    • The job market

    • Tips for getting jobs and internships

    • Conclusion

    • Additional information