In this masterclass you learn

Nitish has over 8 years of work experience in managing end-to-end digital transformation related solutions/ projects to drive business process improvement for Fortune 500 Global companies.

  • The impact of data science on all careers and job profiles.

  • The 9 technical and non-technical roles in data science.

  • The importance of life-long learning and up-skilling.


  • 1

    Impact of Data Science

    • Overview

    • The data science revolution: data generation and processing potential

    • Unpacking careers in data science

    • Life long learning and upskilling

  • 2

    Roles in Data Science: Non-Technical and Technical

    • Idea generation - domain experts

    • AI consultant

    • Product manager

    • Data-base manager

    • Business analyst

    • Data scientist

    • Software engineer

    • Sales and marketing

    • Users