Strategic counsel for over two decades with leading corporates in India, across diverse sectors including automobile,e-commerce, advertising and financial services. Has led multiple cross functional teams, across diverse industry projects simultaneously.

Has held board memberships across regulated / listed financial services entities across Housing finance, asset management, life insurance, general insurance space & fintech firms. He is an active participant in various industry associations and global forums.

An avid advocate of consumerism, he believes in responsible & all-inclusive consumer access. Mentors next-gen professionals, startups & coaching C-suite professionals. Advises on organisation scaling-up & inter-generational family business transformation.


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    Lessons for Life

    • Face it today

    • Face it today

    • Role of luck

    • On networking

    • Attitude of hunger

    • On formal education

    • Giving back

    • Giving up

    • Taking a moment

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    • Work post-COVID