About this masterclass

Lola Omolola is a community management strategist. She has created and leads Female IN (FIN); an exclusive Facebook community with more than 1.7M members. FIN has become such an effective platform for social change that Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg highlighted Lola and her work with FIN as a model for building meaningful communities.

  • The power of mystic and self-expression.

  • Building distinct communities and creating a culture of ending silence.

  • Mental models for building sustainable communities and the art of creating meaningful partnerships.


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    Building Powerful Global Communities

    • Building a community and the power of mystic and self-expression

    • Ending the culture of silence

    • Building distinct communities and the power of preparation

    • Building the community culture

    • How do you respond to challenges?

    • The nuances of disagreement

    • Building sustainable communities

    • Building a constructive partnership with Facebook