Unnati works as an associate consultant at Dalberg Advisors. In the past year, she has worked on sanitation, food fortification, and family planning. She studied economics at Shri Ram College of Commerce. In college, she interned at the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) with their WASH and nutrition teams. She also worked on tuberculosis with Amaltas, a development consulting firm. She also dabbled in political strategy while working on the 2017 Uttar Pradesh State Assembly Elections. Unnati is passionate about applying a social justice lens to her work and can be found debating about politics over coffee and banana chips.


  • 1

    Navigating Development Consulting

    • Introduction

    • Mental models for identifying your area(s) of interest and required work experience

    • Understanding the development sector landscape

    • Dalberg recruitment process

  • 2


    • What does Dalberg do?

    • Advice for applicants from non-target schools (in India)

    • Life-cycle of an analyst

    • A day in the life of an analyst

    • Do you need an MBA/Masters to apply?

    • Fieldwork experience

    • How much travel is involved?

    • Who should not get into development consulting?

    • Education and work-experience requirements

    • Travel to rural areas for fieldwork

    • How rewarding/satisfying is the work?

    • One question about development consulting you wish people would ask more often

    • Qualitative vs. quantitative thinking