In this Masterclass, Nabila Jamshed explores the extremely fascinating development of Artificial Intelligence in the domain of International Affairs. She covers the major philosophical and practical debates on this development, and looks are the emerging tactical concerns.

Nabila Jamshed is a public policy and global governance specialist currently working with the United Nations India. She has previously served as a political affairs and security analyst with multilateral agencies and the UN in The Hague, in India, and with the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan. Nabila’s career in the United Nations system began with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, where she worked as a Political Affairs Specialist. With a Master’s degree in Global Governance and Diplomacy from the University of Oxford, Nabila joined the OPCW during the organisation’s work on chemical disarmament in Syria. She has also worked for the Asian Development Bank on regional cooperation in South Asia. While with the UN, she co-authored the UN Environment Programme and UNU’s Inclusive Wealth Report for 2014. In her recent assignment with UN Peacekeeping, Nabila was posted to Juba, South Sudan, where she worked with the Joint Mission Analysis Centre during the conflict of 2016, on security and crisis reporting and analysis in an active war zone. She has delivered multiple TEDx and other talks on the business of war, written columns for The Indian Express and other newspapers and specialises in the UN’s work on preventing conflicts, crisis response, and outlawing weapons of mass destruction.


  • 2

    Philosophical Debates

    • Reimagining theory and practice of international relations in context of AI

    • Conception of global citizenship

    • A new domain for global governance

    • Change in the conception of influence

    • Changing nature of war

    • The evolving conception of development

    • New frontiers

  • 3

    Tactical Concerns

    • In the development sector

    • In the domain of peace & security

    • Emerging Careers

  • 4

    Between Abstraction & Policy

    • The six key questions

    • Q&A